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Losing power during a storm is never a great experience for you or your family! Often these times remind us why home generators are becoming increasingly popular among business and home-owners alike. These generators can help provide light, heat and electricity until the power is restored by your utility.

Often electrical generator installs are associated with a high price tag, however there are a wide range of types and options that make it affordable for all budgets and needs. There are multiple factors that influence the generators that can be installed within your residence including the fuel type. Often electrical generators will run off of gasoline, the same fuel you fill your car with; however other options inslide natural gas, diesel, liquid propane and solar energy. Our team of electrical experts will guide you on the type of electrical generator that will meet your needs!
Generator Installation

Should I Use My Electrical Generator For My Whole House? Or Only My Major Appliances?

The most important cost factor when installing a home generator is how much electricity can it provide to your electrical panel. You can choose to install a permanent generator unit that creates generate enough electricity for your entire home which kicks on automatically, making it feel like there is no difference between your home with regular power or backup power. However, adding a stationary electrical generator unit can be expensive, and cost upwards of $8,000. To cover your basic needs, you may choose to go with a smaller, less powerful (and less expensive ) model that will only power your major appliances. 

Backup Generator Installation

The level of comfort you desire at a time of an outage will dictate how much power you want from your backup home generator. Running all your electric appliances at the same time will require a electrical generator at or above 20 KW depending on the size of our home. However, if you decide to only run the essential appliances this can mean having a smaller generator to keep your refrigerator cool and your food from spoiling! 

Transfer Switches For Generators

Our same day electrical service will install your electrical generator transfer switch without you ever knowing we were there! They can be added with manual or automatic functionality. When installing a transfer switch for your home generator it is best to consult with our electrical experts directly as every case is slightly different! Speak with a representative today for more information and ask about the different electrical generators available for your home! 

DIY? Or Hire Our Electricians?

While most portable generator are usually easy to run, ensuring the safety of your home and yourself is a different story. Our team will help you understand the power you need as well as connect it to your home and the power grid for seamless installation. 

Storms & Emergencies!

Storms and emergencies are often times we never knew we needed a generator before. With only weeks, or even days notice, often we find that storm generators are out-of-stock or hard to come by. Get yours today by calling +1•516•825•1574

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    I spoke with Mike regarding some breaker panel concerns. He listened to everything I had to say over the phone and mentioned he can swing by later if I was avaible to check the panel and perform a quick inspection. I called Mike after I arrived home from work...and within 30 minutes he arrived at my door step. He explained why the size of wires in the electrical panel determines how much amps the associated breakers should support. He also replaced one of the breakers and added two more. Although this was just a quick inspection of the breaker panel. If I do decide in the future to upgrade any of the wiring in the house, I'll definitely contact No Shorts Electric again.

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