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Do you need an electrical panel upgrade? Or need one repaired? Here are some reasons why you should have it done.

The electrical panel in your house or office is the most essential pieces of equipment you must maintain when it comes to having safe and working electrical power. The electrical panel transfers the electricity from your service provider and disperses it throughout your home/office. After some time, these panels can become old or outdated, and will need to be repaired/replaced. There are various types of upgrades and services available to all clients, and needs with differ from client to client. You can upgrade your electrical panels from 100 amps to 200 amps or you can simply replace an old fuse box with an updated breaker panel.

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Why Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

Your home is old, you are introducing new appliances or maybe you want to replace your old fuse box. Often in older homes or apartments we will find 60 amp fuse boxes that need to be updated to 100 amp or 200 amp services in order for you to use modern day equipment. Our team is licensed in Nassau County, NY. We will, and can handle the permits, the installation, and scheduling of your inspection. You simply just need to be home for the inspector to pass your inspection. It’s that easy! 

New Appliance Installation

Outdated electrical panels may not be able to handle the workload required to power an entire home of new major appliances. This includes your refrigerator, air conditioning unit, hot tubs, dryers, water heaters and more. A majority of the these modern day electrical appliances require 240v circuitry. If your existing panel can not handle this, an electrical panel upgrade will be required. 

Fuse Box Replacement

Fuses have become outdated. Circuit breakers are now more efficient and do not trip off due to overload. With a brand new electrical panel it allows you to stop overcrowding of wires that have been added over the years as well as stop wires from potentially getting loose. An additional benefit of upgrading to a circuit breaker panel is that it will also add value to your home! 

Reduce Homeowner Insurance

You read that right! Electrical panel upgrades can help in reducing your homeowner’s insurance bill. In some cases, having a circuit breaker panel means a safer home, which in return can qualify you for a discount on your annual bill! 

Are you ready to upgrade?

Speak with a technician today to discuss your electrical panel needs. Our team will come to you, take a look at your current panel and let you know the best options for your electrical needs. If this is an electrical emergency please call +1 516•825•1574.

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  • Spencer D.

    Mike was on time. He was professional, and performed quality work. He also found a way to save us $ 100.00 without sacrificing anything.

  • Joseph P.

    He promptly replied to my request for help. He kept to the appointment time exactly. He's professional and courteous. Provided valuable and professional advice as to the solution. His pricing was very reasonable. I would recommend him to a friend.

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  • Shawn D.

    Mike did a great job.

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    Very customer-friendly attitude. Exceptional work done at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend No Shorts Electric, Inc.

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    Friendly professional work.

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    Great evaluation of what needs to be done first but he hasn't been back to follow through‼️

  • Lisa C.

    Mike from No Shorts Electric replaced & updated my electric panel and service and installed a generator switch. He did a great job and explained everything that I needed to know. He was professional, personable and very thorough in his work and extremely reasonable in price. He arrived precisely on time, put in a full day and a half of work, cleaned up afterwards, and followed up on his work. I had also obtained a few estimates outside of Home Advisor but decided on No Shorts because I felt the most comfortable with how Mike presented himself and how he explained the job to me; the fact that he considerably beat the other estimates was a bonus. I would highly recommend this business.

  • Derick J.

    I spoke with Mike regarding some breaker panel concerns. He listened to everything I had to say over the phone and mentioned he can swing by later if I was avaible to check the panel and perform a quick inspection. I called Mike after I arrived home from work...and within 30 minutes he arrived at my door step. He explained why the size of wires in the electrical panel determines how much amps the associated breakers should support. He also replaced one of the breakers and added two more. Although this was just a quick inspection of the breaker panel. If I do decide in the future to upgrade any of the wiring in the house, I'll definitely contact No Shorts Electric again.

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